Norn Comix™

We are a fresh, Independent Underground Comix publisher based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Founded in 2020, we specialize in comics and graphic novels for mature audiences and aim to express new and unique currents in the arts and storytelling with quality, ambition and a proudly defiant DIY attitude! Visit our site regularly for updates as we have many forthcoming projects!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at NORNCOMIX@GMAIL.COM for any inquiry! See our available publications and enjoy the fresh strong wind that is Norn Comix!

His Lordship, Mjölnir
The Official Norn Comix Cat
Jacieli Pereira
Editor / Writer / Co-Founder
Jóel K. Hrafnsson
Artist / Writer / Co-Founder
Amber Nyghtblood
Designer / Website manager

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