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Norn Comix short story series.
Written and Edited by Jacieli Pereira
Series design by Amber Nyghtblood


First issue, written by Jacieli Pereira, art by Jóel K. Hrafnsson.
A woman oppressed by religion and society finds catharsis in a ‘sacred place’.
Genre: Erotica, 18+
Language: English
Full Color

Publication year: 2020
Price: $18

(was originally available on Amazon’s kindle but was considered so outrageous that it got banned!)


by Jóel K. Hrafnsson.
A three-part post-apocalyptic horror that takes place 108 years after a devastating comet strike has shattered the Earth. Two villagers endure a desperate struggle against a vicious organization that terrorizes the wastes while something far darker lurks in the shadows…
For mature readers.

“I created this comic completely in my free time, drawing it day and night on my kitchen table for over 3 years. Originally intended to be a short 60 page or so story, it escalated into an almost 200 page monstrosity; the characters demanded more and more… I had no choice but to live up to their senseless demands. I am proud of it, I hope it turned out well for readers.” – JKH

Artist’s website: WWW.JKHRAFNSSON.COM

RUIN – Part One

ISBN: 978-9935-24-700-1
82 pgs, Paperback, Full Color.
Language: English
Publication year: 2020
Size: 8.25”x 10.75”
$31.00 + Shipping
***SOLD OUT*** (2nd print coming soon)

RUIN – Part Two

ISBN: 978-9935-24-701-8
64 pgs, Paperback, Full Color.
Language: English
Publication year: 2020
Size: 8.25”x 10.75”
$27.00 + Shipping

RUIN – Part Three

ISBN: 978-9935-24-702-5


Samples from our publications. Artwork by Jóel K. Hrafnsson © 2020
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